Haute Chica-30 x 30 Remix Challenge


Now that I’ve got my visual boards for my new look, I’ve decided to “remix” it. I just can’t go out buying new clothes. Looking around a bit I came across a local homegirl’s (she’s in DC) blog Fashionably Lo and came across her post on the 30×30 Remix Challenge. What a better way to start. Use what I already have in my closet and remix in a way that demonstrates my newly found style.

The rules are pretty simple. Take 30 pieces and remix them into 30 outfits. Just those 30 pieces and that doesn’t include accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry. No shopping for additions allowed. This challenge was originally started by Kendi Everday so I’m going to follow her example for selecting pieces.  Of course I’m also going to put my haute momma style into this because I am a mom and comfort and being able to freely move is very important.

As I enter into my last year in my 30s, my fashion and tastes have shifted. However, with extra weight I haven’t felt much like shopping and when I buy clothes they’re usually for my son C. My style isn’t bad but it’s been stuck in another body, another life and in another age. No matter how many birthdays I have in my soul I will always feel 18, but I know that I can’t dress like I am. I gave the juniors department I long time ago but I’m still trying to find my new style. I’ve been working on My Syle Pinterest board, working on my weight and purging my closet of the pieces I haven’t worn in years and I’m finally ready to start this challenge.

Here are my pieces for the month of May:

8 shirts

7 pants

2 skirts

4 dresses

3 jackets

and 6 shoes.

The Suga: This challenge will help me to really see what I have and give me a better appreciation of my clothes. I will learn to work with what I have and turn it into something new.

Fabric Love: Spoonflower Fabric of the week contest

I love Spoonflower. One of the many classes I plan to offer will be in surface pattern design. I took a class in design school but it wasn’t until about two or three years ago that I got interested in fabric and surface design myself. I entered a few contests on Spoonflower and did pretty well in a few of them.

This week’s contest theme is Science Fair. Here are a few of my favorites but you follow the link and check out a few for yourself and maybe even buy yourself some one of a kind fabrics.

3-23-2014 2-14-00 PM 3-23-2014 2-14-57 PM 3-23-2014 2-15-12 PM 3-23-2014 2-15-47 PM

What’s Hot: Jumpsuits

I’ve always been in love with fashion from the 60’s and 70’s. Jumpsuits were particularly in fashion back in the 70’s and when I designed my grad collection I drew from that era for fashion inspiration. I spotted this denim jumpsuit in a New York and Company ad and it reminded me of the jumpsuit that I did for my collection. Hope New York and Company has this jumpsuit back in stock in the summer once I hit my ideal weight. If not I hope that I can get into the one I made.

3-9-2014 9-24-32 PMIMG_0001

Here’s a shot from the fashion show. I really wanted a wearable collection. I made all the accessories (not the shoes) and the clothes. The girls walked to Outkast So Fresh, So Clean. The chick in the front with patterned off the shoulder top was horrible but I’m still proud of myself. Loved design school. :)


IMG_0004 IMG_0002 IMG_0005

Book Review: Sew Zoey Series

3-8-2014 11-54-17 PMSo while surfing the Net for ideas on sewing playdates, I came across this great series of books for middle schoolers centered around a main character that has a major love for fashion, just like I did in middle school.

If these books had been around when I was young they would of blown Sweet Valley High and the Babysitters Club books off my radar.

Zoey Webber is the main character in this series. She has a passion for fashion, dreams of being a fashion designer and has to deal with all the drama that middle school can bring.

I’m checking out the first in the series now, Ready to Wear and even considering buying every book and donating them to the middle school library where I’m volunteering. I think that they would be a perfect addition!

Books are available as paperback and ebook from various retailers like Amazon.com, Google Play, BAM, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, and many more. Check out the book webpage here.

Now These Girls Share My Passion

Particularly rough day with my afterschool fashion girls. My husband says that I’m upset because the girls don’t share my passion for design and sewing, but I just want them to want to be there and try. Certain girls are great but the ones that want to act silly, I honestly wish just wouldn’t show up at all. Really tired, getting discouraged from teaching at all. Where are all the girls like I was at 13? Wanting to soak up everything about fashion design and sewing. I hope that once We Are Fashion Design Studio is up and running I’ll have some enthusiastic girls like this.

I’ve decided to put the studio near my home for now until I get the business to the point I can have the sewing studio in my desired location.

Website is pretty much filled with info and I’ve gathered lots of information on party supplies for that aspect of the business. I’m on Week 3 in Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business by Nada Jones.

If these girls don’t kill my dreams completely I’ll hopefully get through all 16 weeks and be on my way to a life changing venture for everybody involved.